Welcome to my WEBSITE I'm Selin thats my name up there. I dont feel like talking much about myself, so you can look at my stuff on the left and underneath this box to get an idea about what I'm like .

I HATE neocities and coding . This is my website. You can navigate it by pressing the links on the right . I know there are not many right now

I like to talk about my interests I have a lot. I wont list them off but my site will mostly revolve around them so if you have stuff in common wiht me we can chat on my guestbook and we can have FUN

My site is called April 8th because it is a song on the album On Avery Island released by Neutral Milk Hotel in 1996

My Best Friends Ever

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21May22: I am back.
14Apr22: updated blog css, put in NAVI!!!! my favicon also spins now (firefox) (i installed firefox)
12Apr22: started cd collection page
10Apr22: my navigaation is real. the link is wrong on purpose currently no its not its gone again . cluttered the site added buttons so mcuh fun
9Apr22: finally making progress i think im not going to scrap this layout you guys
8Apr22: changelog is real

nmh page
radiohead shrine
start blog css
collections page
index clutter
put a fuckign font
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